Frank Lloyd Wright's Organic Architecture

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  • Published : February 17, 2011
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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture
Shown in his Taliesin Home
University of New Mexico

This paper looks at the way Frank Lloyd Wright utilizes his style of organic architecture in his Taliesin home. Organic architecture is described as having a presence between land and material that become interdependent on each other. I investigated every aspect of his design methods from the concepts and starting designs to the finished product.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Organic Architecture
Shown in his Taliesin Home
Frank Lloyd Wright was a world-renowned architect who accomplished almost one thousand different works. His numerous buildings and homes he created can be seen all over the United States. One of his more famous homes was his own home of residency in Spring Green Wisconsin called Taliesin. He completed the home in 1911 and lived there for the next fifty years until his death. The home became famous because it was one of Wright’s first works that showed the style of organic architecture, instead of his prairie style homes. The concept of organic architecture meant to have a presence between land and material that became interdependent on each other. Frank Lloyd Wright expresses the presence of organic architecture in Taliesin by creating a continuous existence of nature within the home, shaping the structure to flow with the contours of its surroundings, and using every element, from the windows to the landscape, to reflect the symbolic order of organic architecture.

As a boy Frank Lloyd Wright frequently visited the site that Taliesin rests on today because it is a 200-acre farm that his aunts owned. He learned to farm and most importantly build and design while spending many summer days there. The first thing he ever constructed and designed was a tower with a windmill sitting on the top of it. When it came down to building Taliesin Wright knew exactly where to build the home since he knew the land so well. He decided to build on one of...
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