Frank Capra

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Frank Capra
Have you ever heard about the great filmmaker Francesco Rosario Capra? Perhaps you’ve heard of his 1946 film “It’s a Wonderful Life” (Laurie Boeder)? Or his 1941 film “Meet John Doe” (Laurie Boeder)? These two are just a few films of his great work. Capra was a unique filmmaker. He struggled to keep his dream alive and managed to become one of the most successful filmmakers ever. Frank Capra was born on “May 18, 1897 in Bisacquino, Sicily. On May 10, 1903, his family left for America aboard the ship Germania, arriving in New York on May 23rd” (Jon C. Hopwood). They boarded a train and head to California where they stayed with Capra’s older brother, Benjamin, in Los Angeles. At age 6, Capra attended Castelar Elementary School. After elementary school, Frank Capra attended Los Angeles' Manual Arts High School. In the mornings, he would work as a janitor at his school and after school, he would work in downtown Los Angeles selling newspapers. Later, he joined a “two-man music combo, playing at various places in the red light district of L.A., including brothels, getting paid a dollar per night, performing the popular songs.” (Jon C. Hopwood). At his school, the theatre attracted him, He would work backstage during plays and would usually assist with the lights.Throughout his high school life, his family would pressure

him into dropping out and getting a job. Capra wanted to live the American dream but an education was necessary in order to fulfill his goal. Frank Capra managed to graduate from high school on January 27, 1915 and in the “September of that year, he entered the Throop College of Technology” (Jon C. Hopwood), which was later known as the California Institute of Technology, to study chemical engineering. Here was where Capra discovered his love for poetry and the essays of Montaigne. Due to his commitment to school, he was awarded a cash prize of $250 and a 6-week trip across the U.S. and Canada for having the highest grade at...
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