Frank Abagnale

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  • Published : March 28, 2006
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Before becoming an adult, Frank Abagnale lived several lives, concurrently. He was envied by little boys, and loved by women as a pilot flying for Pan Am. He gain respect from his future father in law, by taking the Bar exam and becoming a lawyer. Frank even worked in a hospital as a Doctor, before realizing it was not a career for him. How did Frank achieve all this in less than four years, by stealing the identities of people he encountered. Frank was one of the children who envied the life of pilots, and began a grand scheme to ensure that he could become one. He studied how a pilot hopped on flights, and how to create a paycheck even bank personnel would believe. This charade lasted for four years before the FBI finally caught up with Frank in Paris.

Too many of us, the story of Frank Abagnale is simply an entertaining tale, however to the many industries he affected, it is a testament that security policies shouldn't be taken lightly. Even as a teenager, Frank convinced flight crews that he was a pilot, banks that his paychecks were real, emergency rooms that he was a doctor, and his fiancé that he was a lawyer. Since Frank Abagnale, these industries tightened up their standards on security and identity management, but the vulnerabilities, and potential for a con like this, still exist. Did we protect against the wrong criminals, or have criminals adapted themselves to our precautions faster than we can implement them? If our country historically learns from their mistakes, how is it that we've yet to learn from the story of Frank Abagnale?

Today's Abagnale:

It is difficult to narrow the reasons why vulnerabilities exist that those creative, intelligent persons such as Frank Abagnale can take advantage of. One reason is that unless you are a victim of identity theft, you are not as concerned about it as you should be. Although you here of cases everyday where an individuals identity was stolen, and used for profit by...
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