Francophone Countries

Topics: Infant mortality, Poverty, Africa Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: January 27, 2011
Period 2
Francophone Countries

Underdeveloped countries are those at the very bottom of the global economy, with widespread extreme poverty and dire living conditions. They usually have little or no infrastructure or reliable health care and other social services. Many have experienced long-term political unrest in the form of civil war or armed conflict with other nations, or have been subject to unstable governments, dictatorships, and corruption. In addition, they may frequently suffer environmental events and natural disasters that cause famine, destruction, and displacement of large segments of their populations. Developed countries on the other hand, are highly industrialized and are not stricken by poverty or famine. They have favorable living conditions that allow for further growth and expansion of the population. Those are the main differences between the francophone countries presented in class. In general, the African francophone countries along with Haiti are less developed than the European francophone countries. To begin with, the development of the country reflects the people’s health and life expectancy. The underdeveloped countries had a very low life expectancy and a very high mortality rate, specifically, infant mortality rate. The increased mortality rate and the low life expectancy is caused by the poverty and the poor living conditions in which the people live in. The poor conditions in which they live in cause them to have poor health and lack sanitation. Lack of sanitation leading to poor health is the main explanation to high infant mortality rates and low life expectancy. Disease is a huge factor that contributes to those nation’s poverty and low life expectancy. Highly infectious diseases spread throughout those countries of the African nation however, they have no means of preventing or curing those diseases, which in turn diminishes life expectancy and raises mortality rates. It also leaves them even more impoverished....
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