Franco Zafferelli and Baz Luhrmann: Differences between the Two Versions of Romeo and Juliet

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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Fire-Eyed Fury 
There are many differences between the two versions of Romeo and Juliet by the directors Franco Zafferelli and Baz Luhrmann. First off, both movies are in completely different formats and time settings. One version is contemporary/modern but keeps the original Shakespeare dialogue, and the other is just a film version of the original play. One of the big differences between the two films was the fight scene between Mercutio, Tybalt, and Romeo.   

In the film directed by Luhrmann, Mercutio is a wild and crazy character. As shwon in the modern film he offers Romeo drugs and dressed flashy and attention grabbing. In the fight scene, Tybalt encounters Mercutio. Romeo attempts to make peace, but Tybalt assaults him. Mercutio intervenes and batters Tybalt, about to shoot Tybalt when Romeo stops him. Tybalt slashes Mercutio with a shard of glass. Mercutio, in denial, laughs it off as a "just a scratch" but he soon realizes that the cut is deeper than he thought. Angered over his pending death, Mercutio curses the warring houses. He storms off in anger only to die in Romeo's arms a few moments later. Angry that Mercutio, neither a Capulet nor Montague, has been murdered, Romeo chases after a fleeing Tybalt and guns him down.   

In the film directed by Zafferelli, Mercutio begins the scene in a public fountain. Romeo's offer to Tybalt causes Tybalt to wash his hands in the fountain, tauntingly splashing Mercutio, who reacts with his challenge. Both men get annoyed with Romeo's attempts to break the fight up. The fight continues in a self-mocking tone by both men (at one point incorporating a pitchfork) with the staging implying fun all round. Mercutio's death comes when Romeo's interference blocks Tybalt's view of Mercutio just as Mercutio falls from a set of stairs after cursing both houses. Most of the Montagues assume Mercutio is still joking around until his actual death. Romeo isn't even wearing a sword when he attacks Tybalt initially, shoving...
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