Francis Turbine Conclusion

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1. Plot a graph of:
a. Turbine velocity versus flow rate.

b. Turbine velocity versus output torque.

c. Turbine velocity versus hydraulic power.

d. Turbine velocity versus mechanical power.

e. Turbine velocity versus efficiency.

2. Give your comment(s) from the graph obtained.

 Based on the graph Turbine velocity versus flow rate, it is shown that line for both z=50% and 100%is increasing when turbine velocity increase, flow rate also increasing.  From the graph Turbin velocity versus output torque, it is shown that output torque for the both line will increase slightly when turbine velocity is increase

 In the Turbin velocity versus hydraulic power graph,the line shows water speed is increasing due to increasing of hydraulic power. Overall, when turbine velocity become large then it will increase hydraulic power.

 Graph of Turbin velocity versus mechanical power shows mechanical power increase when turbine velocity is going down.
 For the graph of Turbin velocity versus efficiency, it shows its efficiency decrease when turbine

velocity increase.

3. State five (5) safety factors that have been taken in the experiment.

There is five safety factors that should be taken while doing the experiment in laboratory:

 Make sure our hands are dry when switch on the switch of the machine

 Make sure the turbine is not stopped immediately as it tends to overspeed with emergency stops.
 Make sure the equipment function well before experiment get started.

 Must follow procedure going on the experiment so accident could be avoid during experiment.

 Make sure handling well the equipments during experiment and void silly behavior.


Francis turbine is a type of water turbine that was developed by James B. Francis. It is an inward flow reaction turbine that combines radial and axial flow concepts. Francis turbines are...
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