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Francis Keala was Honolulu Police Department’s former chief, beginning 1969 and retiring in 1983. He is a Saint Louis graduate, and went to the University of Hawaii and got his bachelor’s degree in sociology. Not much is known about his early life.

In the Honolulu Police Department, he spent 25 years as the police chief. His main goal was to focus on the drug abuse in Hawaii. He had commanded several operations, including “Operation Hukilau”. Francis is the first police chief with a college education. After commanding the operations, he understood society, and retrained the police officers to meet the standards in the 1970s. He retired from the HPD in 1983.

Francis was a former principal for Kamehameha Schools. He is also a trustee for that school. Francis is a trustee with Saint Louis School as well, and is a board member of the Saint Louis Education Foundation.

On May 7, 1999, 5 people were selected to be intern caretakers of Kamehameha School and Bishop Estate. Ronald Libkuman, Constance Lau, David Coon, Francis Keala, and Robert Kihune were suddenly placed in position after the previous caretakers were relieved. They were in charge of caretaking one of the largest land trusts in Hawaii.

Though Francis Keala was not a major contributor and famous man compared to others like George Helm, John Burns, and Duke Aiona, his contributions to Hawaii as a police chief, principal, and intern caretaker had given him a significant amount of respect from Hawaii’s families. The Honolulu Police Department chief was his main role and contribution in his life, but now settles as a trustee for Kamehameha School and Saint Louis School.
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