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Statement of Interest Form-Buyer_________________________________________________ 1. The statement of Interest is to be signed by the authorized signatory of the interested organization. (The accepted signatory would be the sole proprietor in case of a sole proprietorship, the partner in case of a partnership firm, and the director in case of private & public limited companies.) 2. Following documents are required to be submitted along with the Statement of Interest a) Non Refundable bidder registration fees of Rs __________________________ (Rupees in words_______ _____________________________________________________________________________________ _ only) in favor of “Mjunction Services Limited”, payable at Kolkata. [For PLATINUM / GOLD membership] b) Photo copy of PAN Card 3. On receipt of duly completed Statement of Interest, Mjunction services limited shall verify & evaluate your interest in MetalJunction. After due verification, our representative shall impart training on availing Mjunction services ltd’s services. Our head office in Kolkata will complete formalities regarding your account and will inform you about the details of your user ID.


Mjunction Services Limited,
Godrej Waterside, Tower-1, 3rd floor, Plot no. 5, Block-DP Sector-V, Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700091 Tel: +91 33 66106100; Fax: +91 33 66011719 E-mail: URL:,

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Signature of Buyer

Organization Name

Type of Organization Business Activity Registered Address

: :





PIN Code

Contact Persons Details: Name Designation Mobile No. Mobile No. P & T No. Fax No. e-mail address e-mail address SMS Alerts Interested in (Please tick): Ferrous / Non ferrous / Store/ Idle assets/ Chemicals/ Iron Ore Seller Y/ Material of interest N Bhilai Matl Y/N Matl Y/N Matl Plate Pooled Iron (CI) Ammonium Nitrate Bokaro GP Tundish Scrap (CI) Ammonium Sulphate Rourkela CR IMBP (CI) Benzene Durgapur Calcium Ammonium ISP IISCO Skelp Iron Ore Nitrate(CAN) Slab Manganese Ore Crude Coal tar Tata Sheet Cutting Mill Scale Ferrous Sulphate VISL(Bhad) Billet Stainless Steel Hot Pressed Napthalene ASP (DGP) Bloom Rolls Light Solvent Naphtha SSP(Salem) TMT Alloy Steel Oil/Sludge OMDC Structurals B F Slag Napthalene Flakes NMDC Wire Rod Assets/ Obsolete Spares Acid HCL Pig Iron Nut Coke Noble gases TCIL Sponge Iron B.F Coke Pitch ISWP Any Other Any Other Sodium Phenolate JSPL Balmer Toluene Lawrie Ltd. Xylene L&T ECC NDPL


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Signature of Buyer

C.S.T. No VAT No Excise Regn Code Excise Range Excise Division ECC Code PAN No Bankers Name Bank A/c Number Bankers Address

Confirmation of Training
This is to confirm that I have undergone the training conducted by Mjunction Services Limited to participate in the online auction conducted in their website. I am satisfied and have understood the processes to conduct bidding on my own. I have been informed how I can change my password. I have also been informed how I may retrieve password using “forgot password feature” in case I do not remember the password. I understand that during the time when auction is on, I need to contact at the numbers of the auction room for fastest assistance. The latest contact numbers are available on the website. I will make note of these numbers. I understand that mjunction services limited will communicate with me by email also. I understand that I am required to check my email mail box regularly and am responsible for the same. I will inform mjunction promptly in case of any change in phone / mobile number OR email id.

Date: Place: Signature: Name of the Person: Name of the Company with Seal:

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Signature of Buyer

…………………………………………………………………….. …………………………………………………………………….. Son/daughter...
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