Francis Bacon

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Analytical Summary on the essay 『Of Studies』 by Francis Bacon 11m1 121026 김정현
『Of Studies』 was written by Francis Bacon (1561~1626), who is best known for his own rational analysis of data and subjects. This essay provides concise but valuable advice and knowledge on what is study and how we should utilize it. Perhaps because of Bacon’s unique style of writing, which was very rational, the ideas in this essay can be variously understood by individuals’ diverse perspectives. Especially, within a single page, this essay contains various ideas that can be categorized into several major ideas. The primary part deals with purpose, use, and the vice of studies. The essay states that they serve for delight, ornament, and ability, which have their own purposes and uses. However, people should be careful not to become extreme in terms of pursuing these because they build up human’s nature. I, for instance, was fascinated in philosophy books when I was in elementary school. If I tried to study because I wanted joy through self-realization, that means I pursued delight. If I tried to study because I wanted to show up, that means I pursued ornament. If I tried to study because I wanted to utilize philosophy to cope with unsolvable questions such as “Who am I?” that means I pursued ability. As a matter of fact, I read philosophy books only for the secondary purpose, to pursue ornament. To translate this in childish words, I wanted to look cool when I talk. However, the major problem in this attitude was that I used philosophy too much for ornament that every people became tire of me saying “According to Nietzsche… According to Kant…” As people paid less attention to my unique (or strange) style of conversation, my entire purpose of reading philosophy books became vague and consequently, I stopped studying philosophy. After this circumstance, I became careful and less active in trying to study new subjects. What the essay tries to accomplish in this section is to stop...
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