Franchise Support

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Franchise Support
Constructive support of franchise is important for effective operation and overall success of the franchise system. Franchise support of franchises is important because it will develop and maintain sufficient and improve communication skills between the franchisee and franchisor. The franchise support service will ensure profitability, self-employment, striving to be successful, opportunity for growth, and a success or failure story.

Opportunity to earn profit is the major driving force for people to start a franchise business. Franchise service support act as an intermediaries in between the franchisor and franchisee in providing training, suggestions to maintain strong sales and improve profit margin to the franchise business.

Regarding the self-employment matter, this franchise support service provides methods, programs, and suggestions for improving and assists in solving problem. In order to become successful in the franchise business, the franchise support staff should offer praise, encouragement, and instruction to the franchisee because working in the positive environment will ensure success to the franchised business.

Franchise support services help franchise business to grow by introducing new product and services, marketing techniques, and carefully planned promotional campaign will help franchisees to keep a positive outlook on the business and continue to look for alternative to expand business and increase profit margin.

The success or failure story of the franchise business is determined by the management team on how they manage their business properly. Getting the right employees with good discipline, giving good hospitality services, working environment is comfort and relaxing, and others show that the franchise supports service assists them in order to maintain the high standard of the franchise system and vice versa.

As we know, communication is very important factor in daily business activities. Communication involves individual or group in particular businesses. In franchising, a good communication process is very important for the franchisor and the franchisee. Information system that been used by franchise system should be clearly and easy to link with other function and decision making as well.The more effective the communication, the more effective the supervision. There are several communication tools that are typically been used to deliver the information First is telephone. It is highly effective mode of communication, because it is more faster and get 2 way communication. Telephone contacts are important to keep the franchisee informed about the plan and activities for parent company, to evaluate franchise performance of record and also to let the franchisee know what assistance to expect from the franchisor. Phone contact can be set up in many ways, such as through planned telephone calls.These actually to develop interrelationship between franchisor and franchisee in order to retain the support between them. Usually planned calls are to discuss the sales level, product and service support, promotional plans and also to raise any questions given by the franchisee. Second are spontaneous telephone calls. It is actually to boost the morale and feelings of interdependence of the franchisee and the franchisor These kind of calls actually can help the franchisor to understand the immediate concerns of the franchise, get a feel for the franchisee’s general attitude over time and determine if there is anything the parent company could or should be doing over and above the regular services its providing. While the...
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