Francescos Decision

Topics: Naples, Pizza, Campania Pages: 3 (1008 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Once upon a time many years ago in Sicily there lived a young boy and his family. The boy’s name was Francesco. He was born in Sicily, the place where his father, Giorgio, and his mother, Maria, had grown up. His family owned a pizza shop in town called “Giorgio’s Pizzeria.” Although their pizza shop was everyone’s favorite place to get pizza, they were still very poor. Ever since Francesco was born, and until he was ten, he had always wanted to be a baker and own a pizza shop just like his father. But when Francesco was ten, a family moved in next to his family’s home. The family had two boys just Francesco’s age. Their names were Mario and Luigi. The three boys soon became best friends. The boys would play for hours and come home just in time for supper at Giorgio’s. One day Francesco woke up early and went over to Mario and Luigi’s house like he usually did. When he arrived, he found Mario and Luigi in their backyard kicking around a strange ball. Mario and Luigi spent the rest of the day showing Francesco how to play soccer. When Francesco returned home for supper that night, he told his parents all about soccer. He asked his parents if they could buy him a soccer ball. Although Giorgio and Maria were excited about Francesco’s new found love, they just couldn’t afford a ball. Francesco decided he would have to earn the money to buy himself his own soccer ball if he really wanted one. He earned money from working at his dad’s pizza shop every day, but it just wasn’t enough. One day while working at the pizzeria, he had a brilliant idea, he would do home deliveries for his father. Francesco explained his idea to his father. Giorgio was soon excited with his son’s idea and agreed to pay him extra for his deliveries. Soon Francesco had his own business, “Francesco’s Home Delivery Pizza.” He saved his earnings from his business, along with his pay from working at the pizzeria for weeks and finally had enough money to buy himself a soccer...
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