France Is Bored

Topics: France, Paris, July Monarchy Pages: 2 (302 words) Published: October 27, 2010
France is bored:

July Revolution:

The July revolution triggered disturbances throughout Europe. Nationalists and Liberals wanted a foreign policy that supported the people stuggling for freedom. Louis Philippe policies were seen as ¨ peace at any price¨.

Belgium Independence:

1830 Revolt:
France had economic, religious and cultural differences with Holland. Britain and France forced the Dutch king to give way and arranged the general European guarantee of Belgium neutrality. France was better with this small friendly state on her frontier.

Louis Philippe: Was criticised for not accepting the invitation from the Belgium National Congress. They asked him if he wanted his son Duck of Nemours to become king of the Belgians.

Spanish Marriages Question:

1840 Anglo-French relations were restored

1846 Palmerstone was in office.

Palmerstone and Guizot had an agreement that the queen of Spain should marry and produce a heir before the Infanta was allowed to marry a French prince. The queen married an impotent Spanish nobleman and the infanta married the Duc of Montpeniser. This left France isolated at a dangerous moment. New colonies in Africa and the Pacific completion of the pacification of Algeria. For Europe France had no prestigious foreign policy to counteract her internal problems.

Growing Opposition:

Over this period industry and commerce actually developed, agricultural production grew. Between 1837- 48 , 1287 Miles of railway were built. However there was a growing opposition.

Socialism: Piere Proudhon, Louis Blanc and Charles Fourier all attacked the regime for its failure to deal with social matters and searched in republicanism to find an answer.

Bonapartism: The cult of Napoleon was fanned by the return of his ashes to les invalids in 1840. Prince Louis Napoleon´s book ( Idée Napoleonnes, 1839) and new histories of the revolutionary and Napoleonic period. Nostalgia can be very dangerous....
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