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Like any other European nations, the history of France has started with movements of people, goods, and ideas. Since its prehistoric times, France has been a crossroads of travel, trade and invasion. Because of is temperate climate and endless prairies, ancient people often settled in France while migrating to somewhere else. Early days, tribes of Celts and other people lived in what is now France. Later Julius Caesar conquered the entire region between 58 and 51 B.C. Three basic European ethnic stocks, Celtic, Latin, and Teutonic, have blended over the centuries to make up its present population. France is one of the worldwide leading trading nations.

Historically, agriculture was one of France’s major industries because of its flat terrain and warm temperature. In the other hand, France is a leading producer of wines as well as chemical products, energy products, steel, cement, luxury goods, etc. The culture of France has deeply influenced that of the entire Western Europe, particularly in the areas of art and letters, and Paris has been regarded as the fountainhead of French culture. France first attained cultural preeminence in Europe during the Middle Ages. During 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, monarchs assembled Europe’s most talented artists and artisans. Wealth also created a leisure class, which had both the time and the means for developing elegance in dress, manners, furnishings, and architecture. However, French culture is derived from an ancient civilization of a complex mix of Celtic, Greco-Roman, and Germanic elements. The time period when ancient people first faced a civilized culture is the period of Roman occupation. Romans left numerous numbers of exquisite monuments and sculptures that people adapted most of Roman culture. Again, the movement of people, goods, and ideas plays a significant role in French culture.

The theme of place also influenced French culture as well as the movement. France has a predominantly temperate climate, and...
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