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➢ AREA: 37,273 KM

➢ SURFACE: 105, 40 KM

➢ OFICIAL NAME: Republican Frances.

➢ CAPITAL: Paris

➢ IMPORTANT PLACES: Bellas Artes de Grenoble (MUSEUM) La pirámide de vidrio, Los jardines del Museo Rodin, la Ciudad de Québec, Montreal y Trois-Rivières.

➢ LANGUAJE: Francés


➢ The famous construction is “THE TORRE EIFFEL”.

➢ FOOD : Pasta with a Bolognese sauce. Duck comfit, with chestnuts and green beans, Trout in a butter sauce with boiled potatoes, raspberry tart.

o THE SPRING: September to November.
o THE SUMMER: December to march. In summer, it is the season of rain, rains, is humid and the everage temperature is approximately 29 ° a day.

➢ IMPORTANT PLACE: Paris is the best place and most interesting place in the world. Paris has variety of museums, such as (LEONARDO DA VINCI, MONET, RODDIN: all these icons of the art world are represented in the museums of Paris.

➢ Paris is the capital of France. It’s in the north of the country. Paris has 11, 1746 inhabitants. France is considered one of the countries with the best of life.

➢ Caloundra, we can swim or practice surf. There are beautiful beaches of white and thin sand. This beach is called "King Beach". If you want to practice the windsurfing surf, you come here.

➢ Fairground is called “The Great Pineapple (Pine cone) ". ➢ If you like to do the canoe or the kayac, you can get up early and here it is a calm morning, you can see reflex ions perfected in the water. ➢ In Maroochydore, you can visit to the "Sub seaworthy (Subsea) world” (Under Water World).

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