Framing the Constitution- Charles Beard

Topics: Articles of Confederation, HarperCollins, United States Constitution Pages: 1 (344 words) Published: October 18, 2010
Article Review- Framing the Constitution

1. Charles A. Beard, Framing The Constitution, 1996, Harper Collins College Publishing

2. Beard opened my eyes to a new view of the framers and the constitution. It is unlikely that I would have analyzed the document in such depth. However, if I had it is even more unlikely that I would have unveiled the selfish motives of the framers, or the fact that their government was imperfect from the beginning.

3. This article illuminated the many flaws of the constitution. The most important of said flaws is the unstable groundwork. Meaning, the framers not only had poor motives to create such a document, but also their individual desires were so over powering that there were multiple selfish objectives being imputed into such an integral document. Anything without a solid base is bound to crumble, whether it be slowly over time or over hundreds of years. Currently, people have lost faith in the government and place the blame on the actions of recent politicians. Yet, according to Beard the problems, large or trivial, may have been started when the constitution was amended. The flustered emotions at the time of the revolution sparked the desire for immediate change, thus the article of confederation came into play. The articles however created a weak and unstable government, Madison insisted on creating a timeless document whose principles would apply ages from its creation. His thoughts were not met with open arms consequently generating yet another issue.

In the articles entirety, Beard supports his opinions with fact after fact. He cites many outside sources that help the reader put some of his points into perspective. Interestingly enough, Beard tends to use secondary sources more than primary. This might be because he has found other studies that support his opinions, and by citing them Beard's validity increases. It is clear that Beard holds no bias against...
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