Framework Tour Operators Manual

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Framework for Tour Operator Manual

As we have seen during our classes, Tour Operators are one of the links in the holiday retail distribution chain.

It is part of your task to put together and organize a package holiday to be sold through retail travel agents.

The role of T.O.’s is to act as intermediaries in the retail distribution chain. They provide, for example, the link between the hotels, airlines, travel services such as transport companies, attractions, museums, car rental companies, etc and the retail travel agents.

T.O.’s have traditionally had considerable control over the types of destinations visited by travellers, as they are responsible for planning and marketing holidays to selected destinations. The role of T.O.’s is varied and complex, and comprises the following activities:

1-Organizing travel and accommodation
2- Setting prices for holidays based on budgeted costs of packages 3-Producing marketing materials, especially brochures and/or web pages advertising the holidays arranged. 4-Distributing brochures to the travel agents.

The first step in putting together a package holiday is the selection of resorts and destinations by the T.O.’s. Larger T.O.’s have marketing departments that research current trends to find out what customers want, their disposable incomes, the experiences they are seeking, etc

T.O.’s generally select destinations on the basis of certain selection criteria, which in general can be:

3-Quality of local services and facilities
4-Political/economic stability of the area.

Brochures are not only marketing materials, but sources of information on the Destination. Travellers rely on T.O.’s to provide them with all the necessary information they need to know about a destination, in particular: entry requirements, health regulations, time zones, currency used, language spoken, local festivals and a bit of local culture and customs.

Costing the package...
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