Frame Story Essay Writing Example

Topics: Marriage, Woman, Wife Pages: 4 (1627 words) Published: December 20, 2012
A Valuable Lesson for Relationships
He died. At the young age of thirty-seven, my older brother died in a car crash on his way home from yet another secret affair away from his current wife. He was tall and distinguished; having short brown hair and eyes as captivating and blue as the sea itself. It was those eyes that had caught so many unsuspecting women into his net. It was hard, seeing how he cruelly used them for a short while and then leave for yet another woman. So, it would be safe to say that I was surprised when all of his previous wives, along with my family and close relatives, showed up for his funeral. Being that I was twenty-five and I had never encountered death of any kind in my family, the funeral was hard on me. It was a grim funeral, and each wife gave a short, very short, speech about the good things he did for them. Madeline, the first wife he had when he was about 24, spoke about his physical features and backed away, sobbing in both sorrow and hatred. Even though she was sobbing, you could tell she had beautiful features. She had long, flowing, brown hair, and smooth complexion, brown eyes, and a nice smile. Alyssa, the second wife when my brother was around twenty-nine, talked about his charisma and his seemingly-supernatural ability to get to know a woman and charm her during their first encounter. She was, in my opinion, the most beautiful wife my brother had. It seemed like she carried an aura of beauty wherever she went. Her wavy, blonde hair and her slim figure caught the eyes of many admirers, and of all people, my brother was the one who caught her eye. Then, she quietly returned to her spot along the front of the meager crowd. Rebecca, his third and final wife, whom he married when he was about thirty-five, talked about his success as a business man. Rebecca was the epitome of a southern woman. Her short, blonde hair, along with her full face and hazel eyes, gave anyone that set his or her eyes on her the idea that she was a...
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