Fractional Growth Factors

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Early Field Experience
Lesson Plan

Fractional Growth Factor

8th Grade

Ms. Tanisha Wilson

Fifer Middle School

Tanisha Wilson
MTSC 403
Fall 2011


Student Characteristics

There 28 students and they are in 8th grade CMP math class. There are some students in this are inclusion so there are two teachers in the classroom. There is a regular mathematics education teacher, and there is a special aid teacher. The students in this class have to take two mathematics classes each day, a CMT course and a prep course which will help them score high on their DCAS scores. They are from different nationality backgrounds and they understand English well. There is one student in the class who has a wheel chair and the desk is arranged for him to sit comfortably by the door. Overall the students in this class are well behaved and eager to learn mathematics.

Grouping Patterns

Student’s seats are arranged in groups of four. Students will work in groups of four and a class as a whole will whole.

Prerequisite Knowledge

Students should already be able to identify the growth factor in the problem with reasoning, the y- intercept, and what everything number in the equation represent. Students are also expected to know what exponential growth mean and are able to graph and factor with exponential growth with whole numbers.

Instructional Materials

Smart board, smart responders, paper, pencil


Mathematical Learning Goals

Students will build on their knowledge of exponential growth. Students will think about exponential growth with the fractional (or decimal) growth factors and know when it is appropriate to round the number to the nearest decimal place and why. Students will know how to find the fractional exponential growth using the formula P= a (b)x.

NCTM Content Standards

Grades 6-8 Algebra
* Identify functions as linear or nonlinear and contrast their properties from tables, graphs, or equations. * Model and solve contextualized problems using various representations such as graphs, tables and equations.

Delaware Standards

Math GLE Standard 2 Algebraic Reasoning
* Compare the rates of change in tables and graphs and classify them as linear or nonlinear. * Use tables, graphs and symbolic reasoning to identify functions as linear or nonlinear.


Diversity- there will be different ways to solve the problems so students would be given many ways to practice and choose which method fits best.

Interpersonal Communications- students will follow a method that the teacher in the class uses which is called Think, pair, share. Students would think about their answer, pair up with their group members to discuss what each other got, and then share their answer with the whole class.

Reflection- students would reflect on what is going on in the class by exit cards at the end of the lesson. Students will also receive extra practice by doing a homework assignment.

Effect teaching and assessment Strategies- students would be asked questions leading to them figuring out the formula. At the end of the lesson there would be exit cards to assess what the students have learned in today’s lesson.

Content and Pedagogical Knowledge- this is like a review lesson. Students already have prerequisite knowledge on the same material. The only difference with this lesson is that the growth factors for the problems we will be working on today are fractional.

Technology- students would use smart responders in the beginning of the lesson to determine if their answers were correct or not. We will also be using the smart board to see the problems needed in order to keep the lessons going.

Mathematical Proficiency Strands

Understanding mathematics- student’s will be asked multiple questions based off of the problems they have done in previous lessons and the lessons we are doing today so I could know if the students are...
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