Fractional Distillation

Topics: Ethanol, Distillation, Evaporation Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Title: Preparation and purification ethyl alcohol
Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is to form a yeast mixture with water, organic compound like sucrose, Ba (OH) 2 for fermentation process, and use simple distillation method to purification from the fermentation mixture. Abstract and Theory: There are many techniques that are used to purify liquid. The one that is going to use for this lab is simple distillation. It is a process of which separating a mixture based on the tendency of the mixture to vaporize into a boiling liquid. For this particular experiment, a disaccharide carbohydrate sugar like sucrose will mix with yeast a microorganism, water and Ba(OH)2 to form a liquid mixture. The microorganism yeast will convert the sugar sucrose to ethyl alcohol by fermentation, and distillation method will use to purify the alcohol. The purity process will carry out by heating the liquid mixture; the condenser will take up condensing vapors that will rise to the thermometer and turn it liquid which will collect in a receiver flask.

Table of Quantities:
compounds| Formula/structure| Amount |
| Mol wtg/mol| Mpt°C| Bpt°C| Sol. In Water|
Ethel alcohol | CH3CH2OH | | 46.7| -114| 78| miscible| yeast| | .5 pack| | | | |
Sucrose| C12H22O11 | 51.1g| 342.40| 186| | 2000g/L|
Barium hydroxide| Ba(OH)2 | Small amount| 171.34| 78| 780| 1.67g/100ml| Disodium hydrogen phosphate| Na2HPO4| .35 g| 141| 250| | 11.8g/100ml| Celite| | 10 g| | | | |

1. C12H22O11 + H2O 4CH3CH2OH + 2CO2
2. CO2 + Ba(OH)2 BaCO3 +H2O
Week one:
1. Added 1/2 pack of yeast and a few ml of water in a 100 ml beaker and mixed to form paste. 2. Added water until the overall volume reach about 50 ml so the yeast had adequate nutrient and mixed the solution. 3. Added .35g of Na2 PO4 in the yeast mixture as a nutrient source. 4. Transferred the mixture into a 500 ml round bottom flask. 5....
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