"Fracking" Reflection

Topics: Water quality, Water supply, Natural environment Pages: 3 (973 words) Published: November 2, 2012
The Bigger Picture of Fracking

Katrina Iroegbu
BADM 328
Professor Watts
October 10, 2012
In recent times, hydraulic fracturing, “fracking” has been questioned as to its positive affects in the American society. Instead of purchasing natural resources from other countries, America wanted to produce their own natural resources, thus, the term fracturing came into existence. With this in mind, jobs are created, cleaner gas is in the ozone, money is saved for the countries overall expenses, but the process behind to reach that goal consist of risks that can become a threat to water supply, food supply, and the environment as a whole. If certain protocol and procedures aren’t put in place “fracking” can very well be a negative aspect towards energy conservation for America’s businesses, government, and society.

Hydraulic fracturing, “fracking” can be considered a potential threat to America’s energy conservation through businesses, government, and society. With up and coming issues that have been happening in the water supply in rural parts of America, you come to wonder if this method of saving energy is worth putting at risk people’s health. At the same time you wonder what government stand is on the issue, and if this is the right decision made to better the economy. In order to understand the issue upfront we need to know the background of fracking. America usually purchases natural resources from other countries. But in recent years, the U.S have come across ways to limit their budget spending through finding its own natural resources that can better help the economy. A definition from huffingtonpost.com says that fracking is. . . “Hydraulic fracturing that involves drilling thousands of feet below the earth's surface and pumping millions of gallons of water and chemical additives at high pressure into the well.” With this method, it brings out a particular gas called shale gas. Shale gas provides a valuable energy source for...
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