Fracking (Pro-Con)

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  • Published : April 7, 2013
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“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it…” -Albert Einstein. For some of us the innovative method of hydraulic fracturing in the energy sector is a dream come true. To others, it is a nightmare. Often the word ‘fracking’ itself raises a lot of concerns, protests, and controversies. Environmentalists and the general public who are not aware of the facts and statistics about fracking, what’s called the bigger picture, often tend to think that fracking is a major concern and its impact on environment and in the sector of public health is disturbing. While it is the responsibility of the citizens to analyze and understand the reality of fracking, it is also the duty of the government to provide exact facts and figures so that it generates a well-informed discussion on the topic. I believe that as Americans, we should not fear change. Some changes in the area of technology initially alarm people but if they are properly regulated, they have immense potential to bring great benefits to society at large. As an innovative technological method, fracking will continue to be a crucial means to cater to our current and future energy needs. Efficient policies by the industries and government are required on proper regulation of this method. We are familiar with the reports of water contamination at some fracking sites and people often claim that such polluted water cannot be used for anything. Citizens in Pennsylvania and other States disappointingly said that they have stopped using the tap water because of the gas coming out of it, making the families sick, and they attribute it to fracking in the locality.[1] There are also environmentalists and general public who are concerned about the billions of liters of water being used in this process. They contest that fracking, more than being merely an environmental issue, is a public health issue and that it needs to be addressed in a comprehensive way. However, knowing only one side is not enough. We currently live...
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