Fracking Essay

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  • Published : October 11, 2013
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The Cons of Fracking
There is a new environmental concern on the horizon and it is something we need to pay attention to. Namely, hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking. Energy companies use hydrofracking to extract natural gas from the ground. For those that are not familiar with hydrofracking, a brief explanation is necessary. Hydraulic fracturing is a feat of engineering that allows us to extract natural gas from the deep layer of rock it is trapped in (Mooney, C. 2011). So is hydrofracking safe? I don’t think so. Let’s review some of the issues hydrofracking or shall I say Fracking may cause. I will be debating against the PRO’s of Fracking. One of the points that the PRO group made was that it created more jobs in different areas. Yes that is true, Fracking does create a lot of jobs, but for whom? Most of the jobs it create you have to be citified professional to do just that. Not to mention trained in hazardous chemicals. My point is that some Fracking companies by pass the professional part. Some companies try to curve their budget by not hiring certified professionals. I think that is a very dangerous job to just hire someone that hasn’t been trained. Then once something dangerous and unsafe happens, it’s usually involving the person who hasn’t been trained properly.

Another point that the PRO group brought up was that Fracking is more environmentally safe than coal mining. That is also true, but what is the cost of comparing it to something that only causes minor problems than something that can create a possible epidemic. Yes I said it, an EPIDEMIC!! Fracking can cause a major contamination of drinking water. There are many different types of dangerous chemicals that are involved in Fracking and drilling that close to our natural drinking water can contaminate it. We do have very good filtration systems in place to filter out harmful chemicals, but what if that’s not good enough? Now communities in the area can get sick and who...
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