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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Anthony Martorana

Purpose: To inform people of the advantages and disadvantages of fracking. For example: The resources that can be discovered by the use of fracking, but also the danger that it can have on a water supply. The purpose is to allow people to be as informed as possible if ever fronted with the decision of fracking Point of view: My point of view is that everyone should be informed going into this decision and that all positives and negatives should be weighed into making a decision about fracking. I don’t have a personal point of view because I have not been faced with the decision but that does not mean I cant take a point of view as though I were faced with the decision. Question: Is fracking more advantageous or disadvantageous, would it be worth the potential risks that is can cause for the benefits it can provide, do the positives outweigh the negatives. If fracking was offered to you would it be something that you would say yes to, or no. Assumptions: I’m assuming that people have a general understanding of the fracking concept, because though I do delve into it a little, it is only the basics of it and completely uninformed readers would not be completely ready to make an intelligent decision without also doing a little background research on the fracking concept. Implications: Both the positive argument and negative arguments for fracking have valid points and its not about taking sides but rather about providing valid information about both sides as an unbiased writer on the topic so a reader could see why or why not to partake in fracking. The positives being the resources obtained, the readily easy ability to frack. Some negatives being the ruining of the water supply which subsequently kills animals and environment around the area. Information: The information is research done to obtain the max amount of information on fracking. Things such as what fracking is: “The process of initiating and subsequently propagating a fracture in...
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