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  • Published : April 19, 2013
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I. Introduction
1) Background: Gun tragedies are frequently taking place throughout the world. 2) Thesis: Therefore it would be more favorable to change the overall mindset of people rather than implementing laws regarding gun control through an outside force. II. Support: Topic Sentence: Understanding the concept of gun control and why few individuals stand against this argument. 1) In the current statistics of homicides and other criminal activities, guns are largely considered to facilitate the overall crimes because of its distinguishing features, and it can be easily kept in pockets or in bags. 2) However, the most important point which they fail to consider is the hidden mentality and the real attitude of people which compels them to get indulged into such crimes. 3) Gun possession and its use to save the dignity of an individual is the most significant constitutional right. 4) Guns are frequently used for hunting purposes which is a renowned leisure activity for many. III. Argument: Topic Sentence: People arguing in favor of the subject usually base their argument over the point that one cannot make an attempt to kill someone without a gun. 1) These people also put forward another point of view that the mental attitude of an individual behind the gun does not really matter. 2) These people are more concerned about the immediate control over the access and availability of guns while ensuring the removal of threatening weapons from the society. IV. Support (Refutation of argument): Topic Sentence: If the person himself has sound moral and ethical personality then the possession of gun won’t really matter to him. 1) This indicates that the real issue is with the use of the weapon rather than the weapon itself since it is the same guns which are used for protection purposes and safeguards an individual’s life. 2) It is substantial to build awareness about the use of guns in addition to explaining the consequences of wrong use of...
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