Fox Hunting

Topics: Fox hunting, Hunting Act 2004, Fox hunting legislation Pages: 4 (725 words) Published: May 27, 2013
Picture this, you as a red fox or any ordinary fox is being chased by the mounted huntsmen or

woman accompanied by their hounds in the forest. After an hour or so, BAM! You have been snared

and you will instantly feel the agonizing pain in your legs. You can still fight the pain and try to

escape, until the hunters come and shoot you with a shotgun that is. Then you will die. Welcome

to the fox hunting world people. Fox hunting is an activity that involves tracking, chasing and

sometimes the killing of a fox. Most people in United Kingdom have been against it for many years.

People have campaigned against it. This activity became banned in November 2004 and the law

was enforced from February 2005. Many of the fox hunters carry guns, just in case the fox manages

to escape with injuries. Apart from being a sport that is enjoyed by rich people, fox hunting is a

tradition that was influenced by the Greeks and Romans. But I don’t see that there is a reason for

why fox hunting should not be banned.

Those people who are against this have no real argument!

All their arguments are based on their opinions and are purely emotional. One of their points would

be “Fox hunting is killing an innocent fox and it is a very cruel practise.” I strongly disagreed with this

as in my opinion; fox hunting is no different from eating beef/pork or lamb. It also helps conserve

the countryside and assists the farmers. Apart from preventing other animals from being killed

by the fox, fox hunting is the most effective method of killing foxes. Some foxes die from natural

causes. However about 100,000 dies by shooting and snaring. During a fox hunt, a fox suffers little

pain as it is usually killed from the first bite. Others sports, such as fishing are far crueller! Fish are

pulled out of the water, still alive after being hooked and then pulled...
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