Fowering Judas

Topics: Short story, Fiction, Betrayal Pages: 3 (1129 words) Published: April 7, 2012

Flowering Judas
“Flowering Judas”, a short novel, is also one of Katherine Anne Porter’s typical representatives among her literary achievement. The short story describes an American girl named Laura. She departs from Catholicism and goes to Mexico as an English teacher. When Laura is involved in an socialist revolutionary in Mexico, she meets Braggioni who is a boastful leader of Marxist revolutonaries in and around Mexico City. He frequently visits Laura at home, hoping to seduce her. Laura has found reasons for avoiding her own house until the latest ossible moment, for Braggiono is there almost every night. No matter how late she is, he will be sitting there with a surly, waiting expression, pulling at his kinky yellow hair in order to sing a song to Laura. However, Laura does not love him and resist tenaciouly without appearing to resist. Symlolism in this short story is primarily presented in the main characters-Laura, Braggioni and Eugenio. Porter does not express the meaning of each characters directly. These details I talk about are important clues to the symbolic meanings. One of the central theme of this short novel is Laura’s betrayal. Laura represents betrayal. She is the main character in “Flowering Judas” as well as one of the most representative female characters. At the begining of this story, Laura is a beautiful and naive girl. However, as the story developed, she becomes negative, cold and indifferent. Laura is out of step with the world. She betrays her religion, the revolutionary movement, her sudents and almost herself. Even thought Laura occasionally sneaks into a Catholic church to pray, she still fails to embrace the church as an essential part of her life. Laura eats the flower of a Judas tree at the urging of Eugenio, which also indicates that she becomes a betrayer. She teaches english to children and delivers messages, money, cigarettes and even narocotics to prisoners. Her students respect and love her, but she keeps...
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