Fourth Tok Question Tipps

Topics: Argumentative, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Gulag Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: February 6, 2013
Question 4 : Intuition, memory and imagination

The command term is “propose”. This is a new one from IBO. You are to suggest a new way of knowing. Of course it does not stop at suggesting. You need to argue convincingly. Understanding the question – This is an interesting question. The question acknowledges that the four traditional Woks are not the only ways of knowing available, but they are the most common and easily accessible to all. Now let us consider these three suggested areas. The question is easy in terms of understanding it – simply choose one of the three and argue as to why the chosen area would make a good (fifth) WOK in TOK. However, once chosen, it is difficult to nail down KIs for the new area. Imagine you are on a committee that has a task of proposing a 5th WOK. Argue convincingly to support your chosen area (either intuition, memory or imagination) but be balanced i.e. look at the pro and con of the chosen area. What not to do – to argue that all three areas given are important. The question clearly states “inclusion of a fifth way of knowing”. Do not do a comparative study of two or three of the areas stated in the question. Worse, do not ever argue that the existing 4 WOKs are good enough, and that we do not need a 5th WOK. What to do – argue based on ONE out of the three areas given. Look at how this new area could be beneficial for TOK in two AOKs. Also look at possible complications or difficulties. Identify and explore KIs in the chosen AOKs. You may, or should, compare Link to AOKs/WOKs – Use two AOKs only – the question does not specify which AOK to discuss, so you are free to choose. But I would recommend contrasting AOKs. Do not, for example, choose Nat Sci and Maths, for the contrast is not apparent. WOKs – likewise, you are free to choose. Bear in mind though that you are proposing a fifth WOK, so it makes sense to compare against other WOKs. Arguments, examples and counterclaims

Note: I have chosen “memory” as the fifth WOK,...
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