Four Strategies I Would Use to Plan and to Lean an Effective Meeting

Topics: Decision making, Management, Meeting Pages: 2 (399 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Four strategies I would use to plan and to lean an effective meeting are as followed: first I would prepare for the meeting, next I would start the meeting off to a good start, then I create an atmosphere for participation, finally I would end the meeting. Preparing for the meeting requires thorough planning. Decide the purpose of the meeting and put it in writing. It should be something you can measure or document. Don't write, "We will discuss solutions for production delays." Instead, be specific. "We will develop a plan to document causes of production delays." Give all participants something to prepare for the meeting. Once you have determined the time and place, prepare a memo detailing the location and ending as well as starting times. Include the purpose of the meeting and, preferably, the agenda. Mention that people can call you to clarify agenda items prior to the meeting (Thill & Bovee, 2011, p.43). Getting the meeting off to a good start, meetings must start precisely on time so as not to punish those who are punctual. This also sets the stage for how serious the chair is about making the meeting effective. Open the meeting with introductions. Clarify who will take minutes, prepare the action plan and deliver it to members after the meeting, and be responsible for any other procedural details that need attention. State the purpose and review the agenda. Assign approximate times to each agenda item if you have not already done so. Creating an atmosphere for participation, there are many critical decisions that should occur at the first committee meeting. These decisions help to clarify meeting logistics. Everyone should feel comfortable in contributing to the decision-making process. When creating an atmosphere of participation, the chair should encourage group discussion to get all points of view. Turn questions back to the group for their input. Ask people to comment on something just said. Compliment people on their ideas and thank them for their...
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