Four Season, Canary Wharf: Five-Star Hotel in London

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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This report presents some of the interesting facts of a well-known 5-star hotel in London , Four Seasons Canary wharf, in terms of its location and operation features. Thorough analysis such as how the Olympics affects its operation strategy as well as how it manages differently from other hotels will also be included. At the end of the report, a truthful expression towards this famous hotel will be made and this will conclude the whole report. Despite being one of the hotel chains in Four Seasons, Four Seasons Canary Wharf is different from the rest of its members in terms of its design. Every hotel in Four seasons should present an innovative characteristic of its own and be designed with a unique theme. For Canary Wharf, cubes are their main theme and that every part of the hotel is made up of cubes. For instance, the pillars are comprised of white cubes and their tables are in square shapes. The Canary Wharf is located in a vibrant new section of London with views of the River Thames and the city, Canary Wharf, and is easily accessed via railway and boat. The 10-storey Canary Wharf which takes the shortest time (66 weeks) to be built, consist of 141 rooms and 41 suites with the cost ranging from GBP 325 to GBP 685 per night.

Target Market
The target market for Four Seasons Canary Wharf is businessmen rather than tourists. The four function rooms totaling 540m sq. allow businessmen to conduct meetings in a pleasant environment. Overnight services are provided in which guests who take overnight flights and arrive early in the morning can pay a certain amount of fee, so that the hotel will offer free pressing of the suit when they arrive. Its strategic location with high accessibility and its readiness to everything such as high-speed internet links pave its way to attracting not only local, but also worldwide businessmen.

Service Offerings
The golden rule of staffs in Four Season Canary Wharf is ‘We treat others as we would have them treat us’’ since they believe that their greatest asset and their strength is the people of Four Season. Each of them has the dignity and a need for satisfaction in what they do to contribute in leading customer satisfaction by anticipating and exceeding the expectations of their discriminating customers. For instance, they will build up a profile bank recording every preferences of their customer and provide tailor service accordingly such as giving mooncakes to Chinese guests during their mid-autumn festival to make them feel that they are well-concerned. Apart from people, facilities in the hotel also contribute to enhance customers experience and satisfaction. The Quedrato Restaurant and Bar serves Northern Italian Cuisine and innovative desserts at the riverside terrace where guests can enjoy their meals in a beautiful environment. A treatment suite providing in house spa treatment which uses productsof Organic Pharmacy’s and allows guests to relax themselves. This suite is converted from a guest room due to high demand for spa. On the other hand, to dissolve the stress of the fast-track life, guests can go to the on-site Four Seasons fitness centre which is opened 24 hours a day. They can also enjoy complimentary access to Virgin active, where spectacular selection of advanced fitness equipment and classes are allowed. Spa rejuvenation ranges from thermal sequence baths to classic facials can also be accessed.

Organization and Hotel Ownership
Although Four Seasons Canary Wharf is part of the Four Seasons family, the building does not own by Four Seasons but its owner. The owner is licensed to hire a management company to manage the hotel. However, since it carries the brand of Four Seasons, it has to ask for permission from the Four Seasons when making any changes. The house keeping is made by a combination of its own staff and agent employees, especially during peak days. For the Security and banquets, the hotel will do it on its own because they believe...
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