Four Planes of Development

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The Four Planes of Development
The first 24 years of a child’s life is divided to four planes or stages of development each consist of a period of six years. Within these stages the development is intense at the beginning, consolidates and then tapers to the next. The 1st & 3rd planes are periods of intense creation, while 2nd & 4th planes are the calm periods of consolidation. * Birth to six (infancy) First Plane

* Six to twelve (Childhood) Second Plane
* Twelve to eighteen (Adolescence) Third Plane
* Eighteen to twenty (Maturity) Forth Plane
The first plane of development ( 0 – 6 years) This is a period of intense creation. Therefore, this plane is indicated in red. This period is of fundamental importance for the formation of the individual or the foundation of the personality. This is the period of transformation. The first plane of development is further divided in to two sub phases. (0 – 3) and (3 – 6) years. The first sub plane is known as ‘The unconscious absorbent mind’. The infant during this period is also identified as a ‘spiritual embryo’ as the infant has within themselves the potentialities which determines his or her development. The second sub plane is a period of consolidation also known as the conscious ‘Absorbent mind’. Power – The characteristics of this period (0 – 6) is known as the absorbent mind which is like a sponge. The child can learn subconsciously, and effortlessly, through observations and exploration. The child is a sensorial explorer at this stage. During the absorbent mind the sensitive periods are at the strongest and facilitates the child’s learning process and the initial adaptation. Physical – During this first plane of development various physical abilities develop. Physically the body develop from head to toe. Between (0 – 3) years these abilities develop separately, and independently of each other. Hands and leg movements not guided by the mind. However, between 3 – 6 period movement of hand and legs are guided by intelligent. The child turns from a chubby helpless one to a very active one who can walk, run, climb, dress and feed self. She is always busy doing something. The child has a fragile immune system and is susceptible to illness. Initially there will be random movements like shaking hand or a leg. But gradually these movements become coordinated and controlled, grasping, touching, turning, balancing, crawling and walking. Initially the child has a soft wrinkle skin and baby hair. The head is very large, not adult proportion to the baby. The skeleton is very soft and there won’t be any teeth early years. The child will drink only breast milk in the first few months. Psychological – During the first plane the child is undergoing striking psychological developments. The child’s ability to absorb languages, knowledge, customs, habits, culture, moral values, attitudes is improving. The child will display the need for order to do an activity ‘just right’ intense concentration on repetition, experience joy as he makes contact with his world. Striving for physical and psychological independence. Environment – ‘The child creates the person she will become once given an appropriate and specially provided environment to work.’ During this period the child requires proper care and security. The environment around the child should be orderly and the daily activities should be to a proper routine. The parents and teachers should be involved in the child’s daily life without becoming a hindrance to them and without interfering to their work. They should be exposed to rich sensorial experience and rich language. It is very important to allow child the freedom to explore, to choose, to move, speak and interact. The child should be given increased responsibilities for her to feel independent.

The Second Plane of Development (6 – 12 years)
This plane is indicated in blue because it is a calm period of consolidation. This is a period of uniform growth...
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