Four People Short Story

Topics: Lip, Olfaction, Taste Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Scott Carlyle

Four People Short Story

Every year our school sports teams do a fundraiser, so we can have money to travel to events outside the county, and out of the state. This year we are doing a school fair, which includes fun booths and competitive events, food stands and a local band. Our leadership class was appointing the positions which we will run at the fair, being as I’m outgoing and a descent looking senior I signed up for the kissing booth which will charge the customer $2.00 a kiss.

Once my booth was all set up and my lustrous lips were ready for a day’s work I opened my booth. The first customer was a 5 foot tall freshman girl she was wearing our school sweat shirt with a mustard stain on the front. Her blonde potentially beautiful hair was blocked by odor, grease, and dandruff. As she comes closer to me I can smell everything she has ate within a two hour period of time, it smelt like, hotdogs, chili fries and a soda. As she gets closer I notice a sore on her upper lip puss and swollen I start to get sick to my stomach. She gives me two dollars, the first dollar bill is crispy and the second is smooth like silk. Being paid and devoted to fundraising for my team I have to kiss her. As we meet lips, her smell of her breath doesn’t affect her lip taste and just tastes like a normal dry lips.

The next person in line was my freshman year crush; she has long brunette hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a white tank top and blue Abercrombie jeans. The perfume she had on smelled like coyote pee and lots of it. The closer she got the more I wanted to vomit, when she came in front of me her breath smelled like she just ate a full piece of garlic, she gave me a five dollar bill and it even smelt like garlic. In her squirrel like high pitched voice she asks for two kisses, or one big kiss. Just wanting to get over the garlic taste I agree to one big kiss. Luckily for me before she goes in...
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