Four Goals of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Brain, Human brain Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: November 8, 2010
It is known that the study of the brain came about in 1879 by William Wundt who has enlightened the view on psychology. As I have read and researched, I found so many people has been diagnosed wrong and has cause people to be put into protection because of improper diagnosis. Psychology has made improvements by the four goals which are: description, understand, predict control behavior. Module-1 has helped me to understand the anatomy of the human brain and how the four goals of psychology would help or may not help this study.

First, I believe that the four goals of psychology help with humanity in its own unique way. “Description” being the first goal, it actually demonstrates the behavior of an individual to see if they can find out the problem and most important why is it accruing. The second goal is “understand” Psychologist must explain or present why the behaviors are taking place in order to give proper diagnosis and this can be done under observation and experiments. Psychologist study just to show how some people are more destructive than others which leads to the third goal, Predicting on how it will help the individual determine on their decision making skills. The last goal which is controlling the behavior, some find that the process may be a piece of cake, but on the other hand it’s really not. It’s a long-term process and individuals should work on their behavior and attitudes rather than taking meds to calm them down and sometimes it make the problem worse than better.

Secondly, without these goals being a success to humanity because of the poor cause of being diagnosed wrong. I believe that everyone would use medicine whether if they needed it or not. Only the individual know what they are feeling and sometimes people misuse the medication because of wrong test results of having been misdiagnosis by the psychiatrist. It is stated the psychiatrist cannot distinguish between a mental disorder and a no mental disorder. With this being said...
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