Four Functions of Management Application

Topics: Family, Mother, Mexico Pages: 2 (567 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Zamorano, Fernando
English 67
Summary 1
Part 1
I was interested in The Grandfather. It revealed my only early childhood living on Eastern Ave. in East Los Angeles. At that time, I was still lucky to have my own grandfather who was my mother’s father. I was aware that some of my young friends were missing an immediate family member so I felt grateful he was still alive. In this chapter, Gary Soto describes his grandpa as the usual Mexican male figure of the house; a hard worker that uses his free time to reflect on ways of bettering himself. His grandfather was a laborer in a raisin company in Fresno. I also have family in Fresno where I get to be on horses and be in nature. When his grandfather got out of work, he liked to relax in the backyard, making an extra income off the lemons and other fruit he would sell at the local market. This fruit would be worth a few cents each. He would gather bagfuls of each fruit that was common for the season. His favorite tree of all was the avocado. He grew it since a seed and it took 15 years for it to give its fruit. My family has always taken interest in avocados. Every meal made by my mom had slices of the green fruit in it. Those were times that we were not as stable because of my parents and grandfather recently crossing the border. But what makes me proud as I write this is that they used the elements and used what life offered them to make money to feed me and my little brother. My father sold Elotes before he sold furniture. Now he’s general manager at a successful powder coating shop. My mother taught preschool since Mexico and still teaches here. Back then, they also sold fruits to get money. I like the comparison of the first few spoiled avocados turning black inside to pay little attention to what isn’t instead of what is. Life is short and we can’t spend our time living on a prayer. Instead of chasing dreams, we should be out there hustling to make money and making it happen for ourselves. This is...
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