Four Functions of Management

Topics: Management, Leadership, Control Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: August 16, 2008
The four functions of management consist of Planning, Organizing, Leadership, and Controlling. These four functions work together strategically to display a manager’s full potentially; moreover, one function needs the others. When a manager adequately applies all four functions to all endeavors the manager and the team will progress victoriously. Everyday managers are faced with new challenges; therefore, managers have to find new innovative ways to overcome their obstacles. The four functions of management are designed to assist managers in every endeavor to help the organization’s success. Planning is the process of developing an outline for the organization. This process is vital to both the managers and the organization. Organizing sets the pace of the projects and is extremely helpful process to managers. Managers must maintain their positions; one way of doing this is to properly lead. As leaders managers are expected to motivate, encourage, train, delegate and so much more. Employees look to their managers for direction and guidance; therefore, managers must know how to lead properly. Managers must know how to be in charge and contain leadership. Staying on top of project and overseeing are just a few ways of having control and monitoring the advancement of all projects is expected in retrospect. Top level managers, middle level managers and frontline managers all apply the four functions in their regimen. Top level managers are the CEO’s, COO’s and such. Middle managers would be district managers, supervisors, and regional managers. Frontline managers are store or department managers, any manager who would deal directly with the consumer. Even though these managers obviously stand in different positions they utilize planning, organization, leadership and control to suit their roles. Top level managers are the group of managers who accept the responsibility of organizing, planning, leading and controlling by set the pace. They design the plan and outline...
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