Four Building Block of Otobi Furniture

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Online boutique shop

Course code: bus
Course title: project management
Section: 02
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Ahmed Hossen Rabi 093011059Mehdy Hasan091011045 Sohana Afrin Mou073011070Nurjahan Khairunnessa093011097 Mushfeka Iffat093011061

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Umme aklima alam
Assistant professor
Dept. of BBA

Submission Date: 03-01-2013

University of Liberal arts Bangladesh
Letter of Transmittal
3rd January 2013
Umme aklima alam
Assistant professor
Dept. of BBA
University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB)

Subject: Submission of Transmittal
Dear Madam:
With a great respect, we are informing you that we have prepared a report on our online boutique shop. For the project completion, we have completed this term paper. We feel great pleasure for submitting this report to you, which will definitely help us in our future life. During the preparation of this report, we have experienced a lot that will greatly help us in our further studies and carrier life. It has enlightened our knowledge on preparing a project. We tried our best to develop a good project. We would like to thank you for giving us such an opportunity to do this report on this topic. We enjoyed working on this project. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ahmed Hossen Rabi – 093011059
Mehdy Hasan- 091011045
Sohana Afrin Mou-073011070
Nurjahan Khairunnessa-093011097
Mushfeka Iffat-093011061

Online shopping is becoming popular in Bangladesh, encouraging new entrants to open e-portal for consumer goods and households essentials. In the past year nearly a dozen of online shopping portals or e-trading platforms launched operations, offering products and services. This report is the mirror of our online boutique shop which we have started recently. In this report we have tried to show you the whole process of creating our online boutique shop.

This project has a lot of things to do. All the product should be managed and put the sample at online and deliver in due to. The main thing cannot be done that is customer cannot observe the product physically. They need to see it at online.

Work breakdown structure:

Dependency graph:

This project depends on bank loan and self investment. Manpower will do survey and interview with help of bank loan and self investment. And the other entire think like productivity, domain name, buy software etc will be under in bank loan and self investment. When domain will be created then we need to choose its design. Making visiting cards, home delivery expense, promotions etc are all under this sector. After doing all the segmentation, we need to do final budget how much will it cost.

Resource allocation:
Resource allocation is important for distributing the responsibilities among the project manager and the others. This allocation also shows how much time should be needed.

1st Week2nd – 4th5-7
START-Project Analysis-Financial Issue Bank loan-Making Website
All Members2 personPerson

7th2 days8th week3 days2 days
Survey-Manage/collecting product-Promotion-Segmentation-Managing Websites

9th week
Maintenance Accented
2 person

We have a plan to execute the whole project within three 3 months. Above resource allocation chart prepared on the basis of our online business. The project will be managed by the 5(five) members. All the resource has been allocated or distributed among them. Actually it’s an ongoing process plan and it is an initial allocation for our resources. In the future the resource allocation chart may be changed.

Project financing:
Types of financing:
We are going to start an online shop. For starting our...
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