Fountain of the Four Rivers

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  • Published : April 22, 2013
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Fountain of the Four Rivers

The Fountain of the Four Rivers is a monumental example of Italian Baroque style and eloquence. This sculpture is one of many that transformed Rome into the city we know today.
There are many fountains that can be found throughout Italy. The Fountain of the Four Rivers is a breathtaking sculptural fountain in Piazza Navona, Italy. It is made of travertine and marble. This sculpture was designed and constructed from 1648-1651. On June 12, 1651 this magnificent masterpiece was unveiled to the world. The famous Italian sculpture and architect, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, is the brilliant artist responsible for this masterpiece. He won the honor of designing this fountain by subterfuge; an advocate of Bernini had placed a model of the fountain in an area where the pope would hopefully see it and choose him to design the structure. This spectacular piece was built for the Pope Innocent X Pamphili. Its water source comes from the Acqua Vergine; this is one of the main water supplies in Rome. The pope ordered this water supply to be redirected to the front of his palace in the Palazzo Pamphili where the fountain stands. The town square that houses the Fountain of the Four Rivers not only is the location for Pamphili’s family palace, it is also the location of the ancient stadium of the Emperor Domitain. This was one of the first fountains constructed in Rome that was designed by Bernini, which would be followed by many more. The Fountain of the Four Rivers is a complex design. This sculpture depicts Gods of the four great rivers that are found in the four continents that were recognized by renaissance geographers during that time period. These rivers include the Nile, in Africa, the Ganges in Asia, the Rio de la Plata in the Americas and the Danube in Europe. Also, each countries area on the fountain is enhanced with details of its native animals and plants. Bernini’s magnificent fountain efficiently integrates an Egyptian obelisk that...
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