Founding Fathers Democratic?

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  • Published : October 22, 2008
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Were The Founding Fathers Democratic Reformers?

Soon after much economic change and commercial reform, the Founding Fathers of the United States instituted an atmosphere of liberty. Yet the means of many political leaders that brought upon this freedom among all of America proved to be questionable. Although the intentions of the Founding Fathers proved to be democratic, they also noted that regarding the elite. Nevertheless, the Founding Fathers organized a democratic government to balance uniformly the requirements of all states through legislative representation, the Brearley Committee, and the Constitution itself.

At first the Constitutionalists authorized gatherings and suggested desired alterations. The Constitutionalists constantly made proposals to create order throughout the states (Roche, 145). Only through equivalent exemplification among the states could the Constitutionalists satisfy the requests of all delegations. For instance, James Madison drafted the Virginia Plan to propose the notion of National Legislature (Roche, 147). To add, Benjamin Franklin states “I think we shall never be without a sufficient number of wise and good men to undertake and execute well and faithfully the office in question” (Brands, 108) suggesting the awareness of all men. With the theory of a national government, the population selected the members of the lower house and the lower house appointed the members of the upper house (Roche, 147). An analogy presented by Benjamin Franklin states: “When a broad table is to be made, and the edges of the planks do not fit, the artist takes a little from both, and makes a good joint” (Brands, 110). Thus this method fosters a sense of stability between all classes of the population interact and accommodate with another. Moreover to further create equality, Paterson adopted the New Jersey Plan to establish unbiased power (Roche, 149).

The Founding Fathers achieved democracy not only through just...
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