Foundations of Instructional Technology

Topics: Education, Psychology, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: May 12, 2012
Learning Paradigm Essay
IX 500 Foundations of Instructional Technology
Professor Lyndon Godsall

Human Resources Department
Strayer University
Herndon, Virginia

To Whom It May Concern
In considering some of the elements of the University system, your current population and training goals I have several suggestions encompassing a number of learning paradigms. As your institution is a university I imagine that your staff training centers around a highly educated population. They are most likely motivated to keep their credentials fresh and stay abreast of current work in their field. The e-learning program is going to require ongoing training as the system evolves. Keeping students and faculty connected and productive is my primary focus. In training students to follow our attendance policy a simple behavioral approach should be sufficient. Sign in every 21 days or be dropped. While we know that their behavior is not necessarily indicative of an internal change, as early behaviorists believed a profound cognitive change is not necessary to enact this behavior. (Standridge) In order to maximize the learner’s experience of the school I’d suggest a homepage redesign. The homepage experience embodies the school; it is the total experience encapsulated the schema that is the school. Our students have a mental model of the school experience that may serve or hinder online learning. Most people’s mental model of a learning experience revolves around lecture model wherein a passive student absorbs information from an active all-knowing teacher. We can reframe their educational expectations beginning with their home page. By creating an interactive experience which allows them to create their own symbol set for tasks we may change their idea of what “going to school” means. (Learning Theories) In a more constructivist vein, Faculty and staff might benefit from the ability to convey their learning from within the academic environment. It might...
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