Foundations of Individual Behavior

Topics: Stress, Workplace stress, Management Pages: 15 (4211 words) Published: February 4, 2011

Bella has been with Food Corp. for the past three years working as one of the finance staff. She joined the company right after graduation, and due to diligence, rose from the ranks. She is a Certified Public Accountant from a reputable school in Metro Manila. Apparently at the onset, she was happy and content with her work, regularly receiving her monthly remuneration on time. She received added benefits accruing to ordinary employees like her, such as 13th month pay, midyear bonuses, and uniform allowances. She received average industry rates for her type of job.

Patty was a classmate of Bella. She recently joined Food Corp. also as a finance staff, being herself an accounting graduate. Unlike Bella, she had been to different companies, transferring from one job to the other. Because of her various experiences, she was offered a premium over her last salary upon joining the company. She received a salary higher than that of Bella.

Office idiosyncrasies were plenty in Food Corp. Because of this, Bella was able to get information on Patty’s salary. Having been with the company for so long a time, Bella felt depressed and demotivated upon learning of the big disparity in their salaries, considering that Patty was a newcomer. Also, Patty was new to the field, although the work was also related to her educational background and past work experiences. Despite the benefits Bella was entitled to receive, she did not get sufficient periodic salary increases in return for her loyalty and dedication. In fact, her present salary including past merit increases, is still lower than that being received by Patty.

Despite all these, Bella remained friendly with Patty, but maintained a distance which could be felt by the latter. There seemed to be some silent hostility between the two, the reason for which patty could not understand. In fact, she was unaware of the salary of Bella. Being only new in the company, she did not have any access to such information.

After some time, friendliness was transformed into a mere civilized co-existence. Behind the back of Patty, some things were heard. Competence was being questioned, every move watched. Patty felt limited and unfree. She admitted. She admitted she was new to the company. But she was eager to learn. She tried to stay after office hours to learn the ropes of the trade, in spite of her other activities such as work.

Fortunately for the two, Bella was to be assigned to one of the company’s foreign branches. She was recommended by her former boss who was assigned also to some other foreign office. However, while waiting for the time of her departure, she remained as the finance staff, receiving the same salary. During this time, relations between the two improved. Patty sensed that there was something bothering Bella and so she tried to be as cordial and patient as possible. Also, she had a hint as to what was causing the anxiety of Bella. The situation, however, affected the performance of Patty. She could not concentrate on the things she had to do. In the office, she became conscious of what people might say. She was afraid to commit mistakes, and hence afraid to try to do something unless she new them. Since she was new to the company, most of the things that had to be done were unfamiliar to her. Thus, her performance suffered.


1. Why is Bella demotivated? Is she justified to be so?

2. Describe the relationship between Bella and Patty. Were their behaviors justified? Explain your stand.

3. What are the immediate and long-range problems in this case?

4. Propose solutions to these problems.

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