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This paper is to evaluate an argument made by John Chaffee and then extend the author's argument into another business field such as the Entertainment Industry. I will address key points and the arguments of Chaffee, and point out any ethical dilemmas. Upon the conclusion of my paper I will evaluate the Web's Impact on the Entertainment Industry. Article

“Will the Web Kill Colleges?” (Chaffee, 2012, p. 91), written by Zephyr Teachout.

Key points of the argument
The author of the article “Will the Web Kill Colleges”, Zephyr Teachout states that students don’t have to be in a classroom to be able to ask questions or to learn. The author states. “Online classes are cheaper to produce.” (Chaffee 2012). Another key point suggests that web courses will allow the lower income students to have better opportunities to obtain a college degree. The high cost of tuition for a traditional Ivy League university with the traditional classroom settings would also entice students to look toward online courses with the comforts of your own home environment. Evidence supports the argument

Teachout states that in 2007 nearly 4 million students took at least one on line course. In schools like East Carolina University, the cost for online courses were only $99 per credit hour. He also quotes a recent survey that cost is one of the top factors that determines which school to attend. I would also state that location of the university would also play a large role with selecting online courses versus Ivy League. Often students, who can’t afford, vehicles are limited with transportation needs therefore, the ability to take online courses would be very helpful. Questions for the author

Why would the author think that the Ivy League schools would be affected? The choices of online universities that offer online courses have drastically increased. By the statement that online courses are somewhat cheaper is not a fair statement. However what do you feel the level of education would be? Does the cost of the course dictate the level of education? Would the length of time in a traditional course dictate the level of learning? Would the professors for the Ivy League schools start teaching the online colleges or universities? Does the argument work

What are the implications for education and the way education will function in the future? I believe that cost is not the only reasoning for online courses, it is also out of convenience. One can take courses instead of driving to the local university to attend a college course. To drive to a local university takes travel time as well as time away from family members. The ethical questions raised by this vision of the future is that professors would cross-over from an Ivy League College to the local universities to teach for colleges online. The professors could moonlight to obtain extra income. The Entertainment industry has been affected by the Web’s access for the future; some forms of Entertainment would be Movies, Plays, Concerts, Photography, Gaming and Arcades as well as the local bookstores and...
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