Fostering Youth to Become Champions of Tomorrow

Topics: Nepal, The Nation, Human rights Pages: 6 (2131 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Name of Essay: Fostering Nepali Youth to become Champions of Reform: Designing a Better Future for the Country Name of Author:

Sushil Kumar Mahato.
Department of Pharmacy,
Bahauddin Zakaria university,
Multan, Pakistan.
Age: 21 years
Contact :
Mobile number: 00923326019248

I have a special dream for the country. I have a dream of New Nepal in which every citizen owes his own home as I do .Every citizen has access to basic needs of food and clothing. Every citizen is provided with opportunity of job which fits him well as per his qualification. Every citizen has access to facilities of healthcare and education for his family as I do .Every citizen has equal access for various opportunities without any discrimination based on sex, race ,religion ,regional variations ,political influences and economic status of an individual. These needs and aspirations of Nepalese citizens must be addressed by the constitution of New Nepal. I have dreamt of it today and to fulfill the dream of New Nepal is the aim of my life. Dare to dream Youth. How can Nepal line up with the developing countries when half of its population comprising of youth is facing hard times struggling to meet the needs of his family in the gulf countries? How can Nepalese society lead to peace and prosperous if majority of young children are deprived of proper education due to poverty, illiteracy and lack of awareness? How can Nepalese society march ahead in path of progress when large population of female youth is living their life in a strong feeling of hatred, insecurity and fear in their own home? The 21st century is the generation which says no discrimination based on gender .The world has progressed a lot in terms of gender development and emphasize on gender equity. Female are as competent as males in every sector of life but still a great number of Nepalese young women is facing gender discrimination in their own homes. As majority of rural society is facing gender crises, the agony of most rural young girls can be heard in such voices, Am I born as a Jewel and pearl,

Then, why do my parents hide me from the world,
My brother goes to school and is well fed,
I word hard even have to struggle for food,
But the fate of jewels is to give shine to all,
Then why do my parents make me work in the fields all the day long, With mud and in the hot sun,
Why cannot they distinguish my sweats and tears,
Do I have to live all my life with fear?

It’s my great aspiration to fight against all these circumstances and lead a country toward prosperity but as 21 years old I know my limits. However, knowing my limits doesn’t mean that I can’t try to dream about changing the situation .We are the present Youth of our nation and we have the power to change the country more than any government. If this happen the change along with the impact would be massive. Earlier the question used to be, ’what can the country do for youth? But at present age the question should be turned into ‘what youth can do for the country?’ Presently Nepal is undergoing through internal conflicts, which has been emerged from the unrealized rights, demands and aspirations of citizens. Constitutions drafting has been halted and the constituent assembly had gone unnatural death as it was dissolved without drafting constitution on 28th May 2012.About 25 percent of the members of constituent assembly were among youth categories but they could not play better roles in constitutional drafting process They were just used as the vote bank by the political parties. Imbalances of power, sense of ideological supremacies, identity politics and absence of strong law enforcing mechanism has led the nation to internal conflict .In these...
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