Fostering Family Relationship

Topics: Family, Sibling, Physical intimacy Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Fostering Good Family Relationship

Fostering healthy and meaningful family relationship is paramount in teenagers’ lives. A family is not only important for one’s link to the past, but it is also a strong and powerful agent that provides the love and care that a teenager would mostly need. There are many ways teenagers can do to foster good family relationship. Firstly, teenagers should respect and care for each member of the family. This includes the most elderly to the youngest ones. One should never raise voice to the elderly and learn to be filial children by obeying the parents. Being rude and using harsh language will definitely show an act of disrespect. Likewise, the young ones in the family deserve some respect especially when expressing opinions and ideas. One can certainly live in perfect harmony if everyone in the family practises kindness and tolerance to one another. If, for instance, a little brother is voicing his opinions or suggestions, the elder siblings should listen and consider what he wishes to say, as everyone is entitled to his/her own opinions. Secondly, a family bond can be developed and fostered by showing some sense of affection to one another. A simple example of being affectionate is by remembering and/ or celebrating birthday of the family member. The little act of cheerfully wishing a mother ‘Happy Birthday’ and creating her a simple birthday card will suffix and be much remembered that a mother is being appreciated by her own child. Being affectionate to the family members can also come in the form of hugging and touching. It is such a great sight to see family members who can hug and hold hands. Besides, great, quality time is spent wisely at the dining table or while going for a holiday, together! Giving or exchanging gifts among the family members can also be an effectively affectionate way to foster great family relationship. On the other hand, it is such an empty and lonely sight to see...
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