Foster Care Research

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  • Published : December 17, 2010
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This paper is a summary of what research has been done in the field of foster care. It will focus on foster care social workers, foster care parents, children in foster care, etc. In this work there will also be reference to aspects of adoption and foster care together. This paper will encompass all parties affected by foster care and will ultimately talk about what qualities are expected of social workers who work in foster care.  

America is facing daily challenges when it comes to abortion, children with no place to go, the foster care system, adoption agencies, social services department, and just ultimately not knowing how to continue to better such a large amount a people who continue to multiply. Foster Care Social Workers are a unique group of people who try to help these children with no place to go and helps mothers to be to make the right choice in regards to having their baby and considering foster care and adoption rather than abortion. It is these individuals that some others look up to and may hope to be. These workers have the behind the scenes jobs by mentoring children and foster families. The sad fact is that most of the time these workers are overlooked and not seen as the gracious and helpful people they are. In hopes of working in this field in the future one should do research on foster care social workers, foster families, adoption since they are linked, children aging out of the foster care system, etc.

As a foster care social worker there are qualities that one should possess such as having an interest in not only the child but also how the foster family they go to are managing. When a social worker helps the child get into a home and drops out of the situation without following up the child feels abandoned once again in life and the families that take those children in can get overwhelmed with challenges yet to come. Social workers, who work with foster care, should also be easy to contact and responsive when contacted....
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