Foster Care

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In the U.S., there are two hundred fifty thousand children that are in foster care every year (Moe, 177-192). Foster care is placing a child or children in the temporary care of a family care (Foster Care & Adoption). Children who goes through abusive or negative families had to move to in foster care because of situation. Children that were just born have to be taken away from their mothers because of the drugs she was on, or the abuse in the homes. A family that can’t provide for the child, the state will take away also. Some children are given up to foster care because that not the kind of baby they want in the family or the family just know they real can’t provide for the child. Children who are home alone and start a big problem in the house, like fire, cutting themselves, almost have a suicide, that child can be away from the home that doesn’t care. Even prison mothers who had their child or children at prison can be taken away from them and possible are put in a relative home or a foster home (A Child Perspective). Think of the future of the children, in a better home they live then the best benefits comes out on them in the future. Making them, the child or children, comfortable in the family’s homes will help them to do their best. The primary goal of foster care is to ensure the safety and well-being of defenseless children. The foster care system faces serious challenges in the twenty-first century (Meet the Children). Despite the negative side of foster care there are many positive aspects of foster care. There are terrible challenges that the foster care system face. The multiple challenges they face are serving and supporting the families and children. Some of the agencies don’t have control of over all the foster care system only the state does. Two thirds of child is more likely to enter foster care due to neglect than due to physical, sexual, and psychological abuse. The child welfare system is numerous which a challenge to face. Children of color are also actually having the biggest challenges. They go to fewer foster houses, development assessments, and tend to remain in foster care for a longer period. Children in foster care are forced to change school, due to placement changes. There are some certified foster parents or families become dissatisfies with their experience of doing service in fostering (The Future of Children). Children in foster care had to be detached from their relatives due to abusive or careless situations. Children begin to be in the foster care system around the ages of just being born through around their teen years. More than four hundred thousand are in foster care (Moe). More than two hundred fifty thousand children wait enter the foster care organization (Meet the Children). More than half of these children will return to their parents. Foster care is difficult because of the missing of the family when they were with them. At age fifteen through eighteen it is harder to adopt because when teens mature up then they occasionally become reckless, but that not always the situation (Meet the Children).

A better resource for children, biological families and the entire community are foster and adoptive parents. Individuals and families that are interest in becoming foster parents can take education and training class. Believing and investing in the future of a child and their foster parents is Foster parenting. Parents may lead to providing a long-lasting household through adoption for a child may be temporary. Adoption provides, the children that can’t return home, with a permanent family to call their own. Foster parents are willing to work with birth families and the children in foster care who need sturdy and compassionate caretakers (Foster Care & Adoption). Treatment foster care created large progressive effect on increasing placement permanency and children’s social skills. A foster care placement enables a child to have great admission to need services or to...
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