Foster Care

Topics: Developmental psychology, Foster care, Attachment theory Pages: 4 (1139 words) Published: August 8, 2012
This paper presents the key elements of Bronfenbrenner’s framework and applies them specifically to the girl in the article of “Foster care approved for kids in neo-Nazi case.” Bronfenbrenner’s ecological framework offers an insightful lens for understanding and supporting children in various environments throughout their physiological development and growth.

Microsystem: In Bronfenbrenner’s framework the innermost environmental layer is the microsystem. The microsystem consists of the child’s most immediate environment (physically, socially and psychologically); this core concept stands as the child’s venue for initially learning about the world (Shaffer, Kipp, Wood, & Willoughby, 2012, p. 63). Home Environment: The home environment for the girl consists of her brother, her stepfather, mother and biological father. The girl lived in an environment where the living conditions were less than ideal and was influenced greatly by her parents who promoted a racist view of minorities. The article provides little information as to the relationship between the girl and her brother as well as her biological father. School Environment: The school environment consists of the girl’s teachers, friends and peers. The girl was discovered to have racist writings and symbols on her skin by the teachers at her school, who then informed authorities. The case makes no mention to the girl’s friends or peers and any type of relationship that they may have had. Mesosystem: The mesosystem links microsystems. Experience in one microsystem can affect experience in another microsystem (Shaffer, Kipp, Wood, & Willoughby, 2012, p. 64). In this article the girl’s microsystems have very little connections between them. This is evident as the quality of the home environment had a negative 1

impact on the child’s education at school and likely also affected their confidence with friends and peers. This also hinders the girl’s chances of developing a positive...
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