Fossil Fuels and Minerals

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  • Published : March 7, 2012
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Fossil fuels and minerals go as far back as hundreds of millions of years ago. That is before the dinosaurs. Fossils fuels were formed in the Carboniferous Period. The Carboniferous Period occurred about 300 million years ago. In this period our Earth was covered in a swampy plant life. Lots of algae and big leafy plants covered the earth. When these plants died at the bottom of these swamps and lakes ,they formed something called peat. Then new rock was formed on top of the peat called sedimentary rock. Layers and layers of new earth over the peat have caused it to squeeze the peat because of all the weight. The weight squeezed all the water out of the plants and swamp life. Then you get, coal or oil. Because the swamps from millions of years ago had been stored under all the new Earth (rock) it turned into fossil fuels. Minerals can form in lots of different places such as deep down in the oceans, salt lakes, deep in volcanoes or even in deserts. Minerals have a chemical composition. Minerals With heat and pressure and certain elements cool and evaporate minerals grow inside rock fissures or voids. Minerals don’t really need heat and pressure to form. Water that is saturated with mineral salts can cause minerals to form as well. If a drip of water that has mineral salts in it keeps dripping on a rock a mineral will form over time. Fossil fuels take millions of years to make, as stated above. Most of the fossil fuels we use today are from 300 million years ago (before the dinosaurs). These resources are no renewable, we can deplete them. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. When you conserve energy that you use you are saving fossil fuels.
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