Fortification of Wheat Bread Using Mushroom Powder

Topics: Vitamin, Agaricus bisporus, Bread Pages: 46 (12588 words) Published: October 5, 2012

At first the authors praise to their creator, Almighty “God” Who has enabled to authors to complete their project work and project report for the degree of B.Sc. in Food and Process Engineering.

The authors also would like to extent their gratefulness and appreciation to their honorable supervisor Professor Md. Ruhul Amin, Department of Agricultural and Industrial Engineering, for his generous guidance, valuable suggestions, constructive criticism, and precious advice, cooperativeness for successful completion for this project work and preparation of the project report.

The authors would like to express their deepest sense of appreciation, gratitude and indebtedness to their respected Co-supervisor Shakti Chandra Mondal, Lecturer, Department of Food Processing and Preservation, for his help, suggestions, assistance and criticism throughout the entire period of project work as well as in the preparation of this manuscript.

It is a pleasure to express their profound respect to all their honorable teachers for their cordial help, guidance and support. Authors are grateful to the authority of Institute of Food Science and Technology, BCSIR for facilitating the testing of different samples.

Thanks are extended to the staff members of the Faculty of Agro-industrial and Food Process Engineering, for their help during this project work.

Thanks are extended to the staff members of the Rolex Bakery, Dinajpur, for their help during preparation of breads.

Finally, the authors express their heartfelt gratitude and indebtedness to their parents, siblings and friends for their encouragement and affectionate inspiration.

The Authors

The research was conducted in different laboratories of Faculty of Agro-Industrial and Food Process Engineering, Dinajpur and in Institute of Food Science and Technology, BCSIR, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Locally collected fresh mushroom were cleaned with hot water containing 3% salt and 0.01% citric acid at 100°C for 3 minutes. Then they were chopped into small pieces and dried at 33±2° for 48 hours upto 9-10% moisture level. The dried mushrooms were grounded to make powder. Three samples of bread were prepared incorporating 5%,10% and 15% mushroom powder and another sample containing no mushroom powder was collected from market. The composition of mushroom powder and bread prepared incorporating various levels of mushroom powder were analyzed to determine the effects of various levels of mushroom powder in nutritional constituents and consumers’ acceptability. The bread containing 5% mushroom powder showed significantly better result for texture and overall acceptability parameters of consumer acceptability. In case of nutritional composition, the bread with 5% mushroom powder (16.04% moisture, 10.07% protein, 9.20% fat, 1.82% ash and carbohydrate 62.87%) was better than bread with no mushroom powder (17.31% Moisture , 9.46% Protein, 9.10% Fat, 1.63% Ash and 62.50% Carbohydrate) but below bread with 10% (9.36% moisture, 10.74% protein, 9.73% fat, 2.01% ash and carbohydrate 58.16%) and 15% (17.54% moisture, 11.40% protein, 10.10% fat, 2.20% Ash and 58.76% total carbohydrate) mushroom powder. By considering both nutritional composition and consumer acceptability, it was concluded that bread with 5% mushroom powder was the best sample having highest consumer acceptability. It was also observed that addition of more than 10% mushroom powders affect the baking quality and acceptability of the bread adversely.


Food fortification has been defined as the addition of one or more nutrients to a food to improve its quality for the people who consume it, usually with the goal of reducing or controlling nutrient deficiency.

Normal bread does not contain enough protein for human nutrition. Addition of mushroom powder is a cost-effective way to increase protein and other nutrient content in wheat bread. Taste and flavour of mushroom can...
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