Forte Hotel Design

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  • Published : February 24, 2012
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1. Design: Using a blank Excel spreadsheet, follow Step 1 in the Conjoint Tutorial and develop a Study Design Template (ME>XL==>Conjoint==>Create Study Design Template) for Forte, using the attributes and levels from Exhibit 1. Next, follow Step 2 in the Tutorial, Create a data collection instrument, selecting "Ratings" method and "1" for the number of respondents (you). When you are done, check to be sure that your sheet looks like the "Forte Hotel Data (Conjoint, 1 Ratings)" data set in My Marketing Engineering. Then, briefly summarize the advantages and limitations of describing products as bundles of attribute options.

Please refer to the Appendix I for the creation of Study Design Template for Forte.

Bundles of attributes means different levels of each attributes (i.e. Room Type, Business Amenities, Leisure Facilities, Conveniences & Extras and Restaurant Delivery) have been grouped for respondents’ evaluation.

Advantage of describing products as bundles of attribute options

By using the bundles of attributes in surveys, the respondents will have a clear picture when they are comparing among the options. It might be easier in comparison due to all the levels of attributes have been listed out clearly. Therefore, the respondents can save time when they are answering the question because they can imagine the option briefly with those simple descriptions.

Limitations of describing products as bundles of attribute options

Although the respondents will be easier to imagine the option by using the bundles of attributes, but it might be too complicated to respondents if there are too many combination for their evaluation. Respondents may feel confused so they might have difficulties in comparisons. Also, if the respondents feel too complicated, they might lost their impatient in answering the question. It may lead to the result cannot be accuracy.

2. Utility assessment: Using the sheet that you created in Question...
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