Fort Greene and Clinton Hill Gentrification

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, United States, African American Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Racial Discrimination
The United State of America is a multicultural nation, considered as a nation of immigrants. Today in America, there are many who assume that discrimination does not exist and there are many who think we have solved our discrimination problems. Nevertheless, it never vanished but actually increased post 9/11. There are many factors influencing the people to be racist or prejudiced and it is normal behavior for the people to have a tendency to prefer their own race and religion. This radiated outward to the development of discrimination. No one is born racist; however, we learn almost every day to be racist. Discrimination could worsen and will bring chaos in the society. For many years, black people were considered slaves of the white and they were let to do the all subordinate job and considered animals. Most African Americans are the descendant of the Africans brought to United States and other part of the world during English rule for slavery. As a matter of fact, as Langston Hughes notes in his poem “I, Too, Sing America”, as a “darker brother” many African Americans had to “eat in the kitchen/ when company comes” (1-2). Racism has existed throughout human history that emerged as national uncolored by old prejudices and shameful history. It is often less overt while being institutionalized in many systems. This statement is not one of mere opinion; study after study documents the current discriminatory practices that impact people in many ways. We must acknowledge that our great country was built on racism and discrimination. Just because we have a black president in the White House doesn’t mean racism no longer exists. In 2008, when Mr. Barack Obama won the election, people all the over the world thought that the supremacy of white people in the United States of America has come to an end. There are many African American who are successful in their life but still they are being discriminated. Despite strict Law of the land,...
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