Fort Fisher History

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Historical Fort Fisher

The Historical Fort Fisher battle ground of the Civil War is located at 1610 Fort Fisher Boulevard at the southern expanse of what is today known as Pleasure Island in North Carolina. Originally named Federal Point, the name “Fort Fisher” comes from Colonel Seawell L. Fremont’s honor and tribute to Colonel Charles F. Fisher who had been killed at The Battle of Bull Run the previous year. Fort Fisher consists of two different sites known as the “sea-face” and the “land face.” This refers to one side of the fort being closer to the ocean and the other side being more inland along the Cape Fear River. Today, little is left of the original Fort Fisher location. Because of natural sea erosion, barely any of the original mounts on the sea-face still stand. About 75 yards remains on the sea-face side. About ten percent of the whole original location is still standing, with around 75 yards on the sea-face side and about 180 yards of land face on the river side. However, there is a recently renovated visitor center, a museum from battles fought there, and a restored palisade fence, along with restored original artillary. Fort Fisher was the site of 2 historical battles, the first of which was a failure for the Union. The second was a success for The North and ended with the closure and the eventual dominance of the port, along with Wilmington, North Carolina. Not long after the dominance of the last open sea port in the south, the Civil War came to an end.

Construction started at Fort Fisher in the spring of 1861 as an attempt to protect the mouth of the Cape Fear River. Originally, the mouth of the Cape Fear River gave way to the last of the South’s open trade ports. The port was a travel and trade way for supplies being used by the Confederates during the Civil War. Typically, blockade-runners were the main cargo ships travelling in and out of the port. Blockade-runners are ships that were generally lightly armed and/or armored....
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